Summer Camp Tuesday 16th August

Summer Camp Tuesday 16th August


So our award winning Summer Holiday Clubs are back - 



We are limiting the number of children that can attend to ensure appropriate spacing in line with Government advice - There will be a maximum of 15 children in the session total.


  • Extra Info

    Clothing Required for Outdoors

    To ensure that the children are sufficiently protected from the weather and the forest environment we require children to be wearing appropriate clothing and footwear. Clothing will get muddy so old home clothes are better.


    The key requirement is children to have long sleeves and long hardwearing trousers (NOT thin LEGGINGS) in both winter and summer. This is particularly important in the summer to protect from tick bites, sun burn, stinging nettles and thorns. (NO SHORTS)

    Winter Clothing

    The general rule is to wear lots of layers which keep in the heat and can be removed if needed.

    • Warm hat
    • Gloves - not mittens
    • Vest
    • Long sleeved t-shirt/shirt
    • Jumper/fleece
    • Waterproof coat
    • Waterproof trousers
    • Wellies with warm socks/walking boots
    • Thermal underwear

    Summer/hot weather Clothing

    • Sun hat
    • Sun cream applied before session
    • Light long sleeved top
    • Light long trousers
    • Waterproof coat (you can still get cold in the summer)
    • Wellies or enclosed shoes/boots (no sandals)
    • Insect repellent

    Medical, and Photos

    By booking I hereby give permission for my son/daughter to attend the session(s) and accept that all personal property brought to the site is the responsibility of the family not Woods for Learning. We also hereby declare that all relevant medical and behavioural information has been provided. Woods for Learning therefore accept no responsibility for injuries or medical issues arising from undisclosed issues.

    We give permission to provide medical first aid if required, use hand tools and participate in fire lighting activities under adult supervision.

    I give permission for photos and videos to be taken to be used for printed, website or marketing material, no personal information will be used.

    If in the very unlikely chance your child displays inappropriate behaviour that causes harm to themselves or others, the parent/carer will be required to collect child.


    Q. Where does Woods for Learning Take Place?

    Leechpool and Owlbeech Woods, Horsham, Buchan Park, Crawley  We are also able to offer an outreach programme subject to a risk assessment at your own site.  Toileting: we have a covered area for privacy but children will need to be able to toilet themselves. On the rare occasions accidents happen we will contact you to let you know however we abide by "locoparentis" if no parents/adults in charge e.g. a party" 


    Q. What are the main benefits of Woods for Learning programme for children?

    There are significant personal, social and emotional benefits for the children, including increases in confidence and self-esteem. There are also potential learning advantages, including the development of language and thinking skills.


    Q. Is it beneficial for all?

    Forest School's combination of freedom and responsibility is beneficial to all


    Q. Do we go out in all weathers or cancel?

    We have a saying there is no such thing as bad weather only bad clothes, however we always want to keep people safe, we unfortunately have to cancel in high winds and high expectations of lightening.  LIke many other providers we use the Beaufort Scale to determine safety and if it is above force  6 we have to cancel.

    We vary rarely have to cancel, but if numbers are below 5 we will offer you an alternative day or 100% money back


    Q. Is a Forest School safe?

    Health and safety issues are important, and safety procedures are very much part of our routine. These are shared with children, who learn to understand and assess risk for themselves. However, accidents can happen anywhere, we minimise the risk but we are in a Woodland environment.


    Q. Are Forest School sites all the same?

    Forest School sites will to some extent look different in different settings – but its ethos, intentions and operational features will be the same and will always reflect the guiding principles of Forest School.


    Q. Do you have to be specially trained to run Forest School?

    Yes, it is important that all Forest School Leaders are all qualified through attendance on an approved course and with First Aid accredited course.


    Q. Is Woods for Learning just for young children?

    No! All ages of children and young people can benefit from Forest School, Outdoor Learning or Bushcraft.


    Q. It sounds really interesting – can I volunteer?

    We try and ensure there is a very high child:adult ratio at Forest School and welcome volunteer helpers – not only parents, but grandparents, students, and other friends of the setting. Of course, these volunteers will need to be properly briefed, and to understand the philosophy upon which Woods for Learning is based, as well as Health and safety procedures. We do necessary DBS checks


    Q.What are some the activities that take place?

    Shelter building, environmental issues, whittling, wood carving, safe fire building, basic plant knowledge, knots and others – all activities are age appropriate.


    Q. Can we bring pets to our activities?

    Although we all love pets, having pets (especially dogs) can cause problems so sorry  NO DOGS or PETS allowed - unless they are stuffed or a puppet.


    Q. Will I or my child get dirty and what can I do about it?

    Short answer "Probably" and "not a lot". Long answer. Mud is really good for children, and adults  it helps build up the immune system, as well as many other positive benefits.  For the adults, it saves you lots of money paying for SPA treatments.

    Just remember to bring spare clothes for afterwards, or a bag to sit on in the lovely nice clean car.