Summer 2021 Holiday Clubs

Well its happening....and we're planning....and hoping....and still waiting for more guidance. Well done to the proactive people that have started contacting us for parties, groups, holiday clubs etc. Bare with us while we work it all out - the biggest decision will be use of the Woodland. But The Gruffalo trips will return, the Owls will return, the Witches will return, the little dragon, Minecraft outdoors, parties, family events, holidays, the bats (the nice ones), the hot chocolate, cooking, rope climbing, tree climbing, net lounging, the MUD......well that hasn't gone away - the LAUGHTER will be heard again, children's physical, social and mental wellbeing WILL thrive an eye out and Take Life Back to Nature, Explore, Discover, Play, Learn -LIVE! oh and if you do want a retreat without kids check out BIg School Camp: The Willows Retreat! We are updating dates on a regular basis so please check our Facebook page for the latest information. 


After-school Clubs

  • 3 to 5pm 

  • Holbrook Primary School, Mondays

Firelighting, shelter building, survival techniques, tool making, cooking

Holiday Clubs

All our holiday programmes in Leechpool Woods.

Family and Special Events


Additional Needs


hammer making.jpg

Having fun, looking for animal tracks, shelter building, making tree faces, tower building, stick and leaf collecting, mud art, cloud spotting, toasting marshmallows, leaf art, exploring, den building, story time, dye making, dream catchers, welly walks, music, fire lighting, sawing, whittling, bow and arrow making and much more!

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