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We have a new Woodland Home for 2023: Horsham Rugby Club

So excited to announce all our programmes will now take place at Horsham Rugby Club. Being in a private woodland away from the walking public and next to toilets gives us so many more opportunities. All our existing activities such as The Gruffalo,  Parties, family events, holiday clubs, the bats (the nice ones), the hot chocolate, cooking, rope climbing, tree climbing, net lounging, the MUD......well that hasn't gone away - LAUGHTER has been heard again, children's physical, social and mental wellbeing IS thriving an eye out and Take Life Back to Nature, Explore, Discover, Play, Learn -LIVE!  We are updating dates on a regular basis so please check our Facebook page for the latest information. BTW - We have never promoted ourselves as childcare, we are different, therefore DONOT accept Childcare Vouchers.



  • 2/3 hours

  • Prices start from £195

  • Your own home/woodland for £425

  • Sausages, roll and sauce can be provided for £3 per person. Sausages supplied by Bangers Galore (gluten free option available). Cooked over the embers.

  • Food at the Rugby club - contact for details.

Holiday Clubs 10-3pm

All our holiday programmes at our NEW home Horsham Rugby Club

Easter Holiday

  • Tuesday 4th April

  • Wednesday 5th April

May Half term

  • Thursday 1st June

  • Friday 2nd June

Family and Special Events

Gruffalo Adventure
Room on a Broom


Additional Needs

All our sessions are completely inclusive, if child requires a carer they are FREE.
Even though our sessions are fully inclusive we realise that sometimes having a specific event for those with additional needs is important for them and their family.

Holidays + Clubs: Features
hammer making.jpg

Having fun, looking for animal tracks, shelter building, making tree faces, tower building, stick and leaf collecting, mud art, cloud spotting, toasting marshmallows, leaf art, exploring, den building, story time, dye making, dream catchers, welly walks, music, fire lighting, sawing, whittling, bow and arrow making and much more!

Holidays + Clubs: Welcome
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